Company Compliance Services

Registration | Compliance | Taxation

We’re here to help you setup your startup correctly
and meet your company compliance obligations.

Company Registration

Company Registration

Register your company with the right structure, to facilitate future growth and maintain control.

Company Compliance

Understand your company reporting and disclosure requirements so you can focus on building great things.

Company Tax

Preparation and lodgement of company tax returns for clever startups, including advice on R&D.

Straight Up Company Compliance Services

For Straight Up Startup Companies.

Company Registration for New Startups

We’ll guide you through the company registration process ensuring everything is setup correctly, and you maintain the ability to raise money whilst still maintaining control of your company. We have company registration consultations to suit all startups.

Company Director Advice for Startups

We’ll advise you and your fellow directors on your rights and obligations as company directors, and guide you through your reporting and disclosure requirements as they come up to ensure compliance with all the applicable law.

Company Tax Advice for Startups

We’ll advise you on your company tax obligations and help you organise your affairs to ensure that you’re not overloaded with necessary company tax obligations that can arise from poorly designed tax structures.

R&D Tax Incentive Advice

We understand how important funding is, so we’ll set you up with the best R&D tax incentive people in the business. They can help you to help you identify all your R&D activities and lodge a successful claim for the generous R&D Tax Incentive for Australian startups.

Company Registration Consult Packages

Cover off Company Compliance in 30 minutes

30 Minute Consult (Phone / Skype)

$330 30 MINUTES
    • Briefing on:
    • Ownership and control issues
    • Tax implications of various structures
    • Reporting and disclosure requirements of companies
    • Directors obligations under Corporations Act

60 Minute Consult (Phone / Skype)

$550 1 HOUR
    • Everything in the Intro Package +
    • Setting up the right accounting system
    • HR Issues – Contractors and Employees
    • GST, Company Tax and Dividends
    • Share Structures

Customised Consult / Directors Briefing

P.O.A. once off

    We’ll arrange a custom consult to brief you
    and your fellow directors on governance,
    compliance, taxation and everything else
    they need to know about holding a
    directorship in Australia.


Call us on (02) 8069 9680 to learn more about our services

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